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Choose CD*:   UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities
Understanding the principle of Universal Design as the solution to accessibility challenges in SA
Art 27: Work and Employment
Art24: Education
Art 7: Rights of Children
Challenges of a blind person
Who is NCPPDSA and who are their beneficiaries?
Rebate of Customs Duty in Term of Rebate Item 460.17/87.03/02/04 on Imported Motor Vehicles.
Access to beaches with vehicles for people with disabilities
Social responsibility towards the empowerment of persons with disabilities
Understanding Spinal cord injuries
Paraplegia and motherhood
Understanding Cerebal pulsy
Understanding Spina Befida
Partnerships between NCPPDSA and other NGO's to provide an holistic
   service to persons with disabilities in SA
Newly built accessible offices of the NCPPDSA in Edenvale, Johannesburg
NCPPDSA Development office - Children with Disabilities
Enterprize development together with people with disabilities
The partnership between persons with disabilities and the Tour de Cape
Impact of hearing loss on the life of the hearing impaired person, his family and working environment
Understanding the impact of Quadriplegia - Part 1
Understanding the imapct Quadriplegia - Part 2
Hearing loss and your child
NCPPDSA - employment of persons with disabilities
Integrated National disabilitiy document
Integrated National Disabilitiy Strategy Document : The guideline on
   accommodating persons with disabilities
National Childrens programmes for children with disabilities
Understanding the impact of Quadriplegia - Part 3
Understanding the impact of Quadriplegia - Part 4
Understanding the impact of Quadriplegia - Part 5
Understanding the impact of Quadriplegia - Part 6
What does it mean to have no functional speech?
The exchange programme between SA & UK to the benefit of persons with disabilities in SA

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